Eleanor Consentino Feuer

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Steven Lewis 

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 Bring us your stories!

Capture Your Memories

The Atkinson Historical Society would like to capture your memories in printed, audio or full video format.

The Atkinson Historical Society has the equipment and technology to turn your memories into video, audio or digital story. We can publish that information on our web site or simple keep it as part of the archives in the Kimball House Museum.

We have the ability to be able to come to you if you cannot get to the Kimball House.

Leave Us Your Memoirs

There is no better way to have your name etched in the history of Atkinson than to record your memoirs with the Atkinson Historical Society. A general 'The Way It Was' memoir or Carriage Road Days, whatever your memory is of Atkinson. Maybe you were one of the babies who slept on the pool table at The Grange during the great blizzard that stranded meeting attendees overnight.

Coming Soon: Digitizing our current archives

Many of our current archives are stored on non-current or not searchable media. Our long term goal is to expand the availability of these memoirs and publish the audio, video and / or text.