Thank you to all the Teachers Past and Present! 

In recognition of National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6 – 10, 2024, the Atkinson Historical

Society would like to thank our community’s teachers for your dedication to our town’s youth and for

the positive impact you make in their lives!

In the spirit of teacher appreciation, we’d like to turn back the hands of time to acknowledge

Rachel S. Corliss, who taught at the newly constructed Center School during 1880 and 1881. Receiving

a salary of $6.00 per week for the spring 1880 term and $7.00 per week for subsequent terms, Miss

Corliss was recognized in the town of Atkinson’s annual report as “a first-class teacher” and key to the

success of the new one-room schoolhouse.

Thank you again to all the teachers past and present that have touched the lives of the children of Atkinson.

May 8 2024 


Center School Restoration has begun! READ MORE

About the Society

Formation of the Atkinson Historical Society

At a meeting held November 12, 1954, in the Atkinson Congragational Church, Reverend Roland D Sawyer spoke on the value to a town of a town historical society. There were 28 people present. Evidently Reverend Sawyer was persuasive, for those present voted unanimously to form the Atkinson Historical Society. 

Society Objective

-To collect, acquire, secure, preserve and display records and materials pertaining to Atkinson's history at the Kimball Museum in the Parson Peabody House.

-To restore, replace and preserve by any method necessary, on site or by moving, historical objects of any kind, such as monuments, buildings, gravestones, etc.

-To maintain guardianship over whatever presents itself under the term "Atkinson New Hampshire History".