Currently the Town of Atkinson is part of the Timberlane School District with a town specific elementary school the Atkinson Academy. The Atkinson Academy is well known as the 2nd oldest co-educational school in the United States. The makeup of the academy was much different 100 year ago that it is today.

Atkinson Academy

The Atkinson Academy was founded during the depression period which followed the American Revolution. Dr William Cogswell, General Nathan Peabody and Parson Stephen Peabody are credited with founding the Academy.

Construction of the first Academy building, at he corner of Meditation Lane and Academy Avenue was begun sometime during the spring of 1786. 1791 was a noteworthy year for Atkinson Academy, it was the year that Polly Peabody, the Parson's daughter, entered that institution as a student. Her admission gave the Academy the right to claim the distinction as being the second co-educational academy in the country.