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Monday March 4, 2024 

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About the Society

Formation of the Atkinson Historical Society

At a meeting held November 12, 1954, in the Atkinson Congragational Church, Reverend Roland D Sawyer spoke on the value to a town of a town historical society. There were 28 people present. Evidently Reverend Sawyer was persuasive, for those present voted unanimously to form the Atkinson Historical Society. 

Society Objective

-To collect, acquire, secure, preserve and display records and materials pertaining to Atkinson's history at the Kimball Museum in the Parson Peabody House.

-To restore, replace and preserve by any method necessary, on site or by moving, historical objects of any kind, such as monuments, buildings, gravestones, etc.

-To maintain guardianship over whatever presents itself under the term "Atkinson New Hampshire History".