Atkinson New Hampshire Memories

All people who have left their mark on the Town of Atkinson have a story to tell.

Whether the person was on the board of selectmen or a member of the local PTA they they have all made a difference in this town

Obviously some folks are more in the public eye and the Atkinson Historical Society will have more information on those people.

Atkinson Veterans

The most represented group from the town are the veterans. The Atkinson Historical Society has detailed records of veterans all the way back to the Civil War. The Kimball House museum actually has a veterans room dedicated to those individuals.

Leave Us Your Memoirs

There is no better way to have your name etched in the history of Atkinson than to record your memoirs with the Atkinson Historical Society. A general 'The Way It Was' memoir or Carriage Road Days, whatever your memory is of Atkinson. Maybe you were one of the babies who slept on the pool table at The Grange during the great blizzard that stranded meeting attendees overnight.

Memories of Atkinson, NH

Once we have the information more organized this section will have links to some of the memories we have digitized from current and former residents.

Digitize Current Archives

Many of our current archives are stored on non-current or not searchable media. Our long term goal is to expand the availability of these memoirs and publish the audio, video and / or text.

Capture Your Memories

The Atkinson Historical Society would like to capture your memories in printed, audio or full video format.

The Atkinson Historical Society has the equipment and technology to turn your memories into video, audio or digital story. We can publish that information on our web site or simple keep it as part of the archives in the Kimball House Museum.

We have the ability to be able to come to you if you cannot get to the Kimball House.

The Atkinson Historical Society has been reviewing the paper memoirs of current and former residents. We have transcribed memoirs captured via audio and plan to publish those stories as part of the general memories folks have of Atkinson New Hampshire.

This page will capture some of those stories.