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    At a meeting held November 12, 1954, in the Atkinson Congregational Church, Reverend Roland D Sawyer spoke on the value to a town of a town historical society.  There were 28 people present.  Evidently Reverend Sawyer was persuasive, for those present voted unanimously to form the Atkinson Historical Society.

Society Objective

  • To collect, acquire, secure, preserve and display records and materials pertaining to Atkinson's history at the Kimball Museum in the Parson Peabody House.
  • To restore, replace and preserve by any method necessary, on site or by moving, historical objects of any kind, such as monuments, buildings, gravestones, etc.
  • To maintain guardianship over whatever presents itself under the term "Atkinson New Hampshire History".

The Town of Atkinson, NH

Origin: Atkinson was named in 1767 for Colonel Theodore Atkinson, whose farm covered nearly all of the several hundred acres set aside from Plaistow that become the town. Colonel Atkinson was a brother-in-law to Governor Benning Wentworth, served as secretary of the colony until the Revolution, and was on of the Masonian Proprietors who parceled out New Hampshire lands to over 30,000 settlers. Colonel Atkinson bequested funds to establish Atkinson Academy, incorporated in 1787. In 1809, the state granted 13,000 acres of land in Coos County to the Academy, in unincorporated place now know as Atkinson & Gilmarnton Academy Grant.

Upcoming Events
Shakespeare on the Green
Thursday, October 2nd 5pm
Kimball Library
Cemetery Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, October 25th 10a-12p
Kimball House Museum
Early New England Gravestone Reproductions
Sunday October 26th 2pm
Kimball House Museum


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